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CBP Modifies Withhold Release Order in Response to Smart Glove’s Successful Actions to Address Forced Labor Supply Chain Issues

Smart Glove Lauded by Frost & Sullivan for Leading the Global Medical Gloves Industry with Pioneering Products and Creative Innovations

COVID-19:Donation Of Medical Gloves From Smart Glove And MREPC For The Frontliners

Smart Glove wins Frost & Sullivan 2020 Award for Metal-detectable Nitrile Gloves

Smart Glove among donors in MARGMA’s pledge to donate 19m gloves to Malaysian government

Smart Glove pledges to donate more than 16.1 million gloves in response to the global PPE shortage amid COVID19

Brazil’s foreign trade chamber exempts 50 products from import tariffs to fight coronavirus (Source: Reuters)

Margma to donate 19 mil gloves to govt (Source: The Edge Markets)

18 mil pieces of donated medical gloves by Msian firms to be sent to Wuhan (Source: The Edge Markets)

Coronavirus: Malaysia to donate 18 million medical gloves to China


10手套公司支援武汉医院· 合赠1800万个医疗手套 (Source: Sin Chew)

Coronavirus: Malaysia to donate 18 million medical gloves to China (Source: The Star)

Asia’s Top Firms Recognized at the 2019 Frost & Sullivan Asia-Pacific Best Practices Awards (Source: PR Newswire)

Hand in Glove : Foo Khon Pu (Original featured in The CEO Magazine Asia January 2019 issue)

Asia’s Top Companies Recognized at the 2018 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Best Practices Award (Source: Frost & Sullivan)

The Right Stuff (Source: The Edge Malaysia)

Call for Review of Tax Incentives (Source : New Straits Times)

亚太清华总裁工商联合会新春晚宴‧筹66万清大教育基金 (Source: Sin Chew Daily)

方天兴两国关系将有新突破-习近平今年或再访 (Source: Nan Yang Siang Pau)

8th Rubber Glove Conference And Exhibition To Be Held in September (Source: The Star)

Smart Glove Deserves Due Recognition (Source: The Star)

Margma sees RM15bil exports this year (Source: The Star)




Why disposable Nitrile gloves are gaining popularity with food processors (Source:

Company stops selling vinyl gloves; cites food safety risks (Source: Food Safety News)

Vinyl Gloves-Protection or Poison? (Source: Food Industry Executive)

Vinyl Gloves: Protection or Poison? (Source: Frost & Sullivan)

Taking Hygiene Further With Gloves (Source: Asia Pacific Food Online- Nov-Dec issue)

Understanding the Glove Risk Paradigm (Source: Food Safety Magazine)