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CBP Modifies Withhold Release Order in Response to Smart Glove’s Successful Actions to Address Forced Labor Supply Chain Issues



Smart Glove is very pleased to confirm that, on April 26, 2023, U.S. Customs and Border Protection lifted the Withhold Release Order (WRO) on disposable gloves manufactured by Smart Glove in Malaysia. Effective April 26th, disposable gloves made by Smart Glove are now admissible in all U.S. ports of entry.

CBP’s decision reflects our cooperation and transparency in an area of substantial importance to Smart Glove. Smart Glove is committed to maintaining the highest standards for our workers and our entire team. In furtherance of that commitment, we have worked with multiple stakeholders and advisors in taking steps to align policies and procedures with globally-recognized best practices. We welcome CBP’s recognition of those efforts.

This development allows us to again fully meet the needs of our valued customers in the United States, and we look forward to providing critical PPE to those who need it most.

Founded in 1995, Smart Glove is one of Malaysia’s leading innovative glove manufacturers recognized on a global front. Armed with a wealth of experience and expertise in glove manufacturing, Smart Glove provides a diverse range of specialty gloves. With a robust operating history of over 20 years, Smart Glove produces specialty gloves with different functionalities that cater to the needs of our customers from various industries, including but not limited to medical, food, dental, and cleanroom applications.

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