Smart Glove

Why Us?

  • We are a reliable & reputable glove producer with strong Research & Development in product innovation, pioneering the soft version of Nitrile gloves in the glove industry.

  • A one stop nitrile gloves supplier for medical applications ( examination & surgical gloves ), specialty purposes ( clean room & scent / collagen coatings gloves) and Industrial usage ( high risk gloves ).

  • Flexibility in meeting tailor made request in terms of colour, length, thickness & coating.

  • Our manufacturing facilities are consistently meeting and exceeding worldwide stringent quality system with products comply to various regulatory requirements.

  • Smart Glove is the Nitrile Glove Specialist with strong R&D team continuously working on product improvement & innovative product.

  • Superb Customer care – consistency & timeline are the key attributes of our operation.

  • A one stop solution center that provides you a wide range of gloves & colors.

  • We are an ISO company which continuously improving on the effectiveness of Quality Management System.

  • No more worries on technical question !!  We have technically sound knowledge advisors to advise you.