Smart Glove

Introducing Smart-Food Gloves


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Food Service – Downstream 

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    Features & Benefits


  • Extraordinarily thin and light glove, enabling sensitivity to the user.

  • Offers exceptional flexibility & mobility for performance.

  • Textured fingers for better grip.

  • Provides enhanced comfort with superior feel of satin-like softness.

  • Meets and complies with food safety regulation and standards.



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Food Processing – Upstream

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     Features & Benefits


  • 3D triangle diamond pattern delivers superior grip on most contact surfaces.

  • Features a large fish scale pattern to provide a cupping effect on surfaces, enabling good traction on wet and oily surfaces.

  • Provides smooth donning and extra comfort to the users when completing their task.

  • Excellent flexibility allows use on either hand as patterns are embossed on both sides.

  • Extended length increases level of protection for heavy duty tasks.

  • Meets and complies with food safety regulations and standards.